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Difference Between Black Diamond & Black Onyx | eHow.com
Onyx is a much more common gemstone and also less prized by cultures and . Black onyx is a beautiful gemstone that is used often in jewelry pieces.

Onyx - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For other uses, see Onyx (disambiguation). . The Gemma Augustea is a Roman cameo produced 9–12 AD and carved in a two-layered onyx gem (19 × 23 cm).

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History of Birthstones - Traditional Birthstones
Various cultures vary in their views of birthstones. . It is agreed by most historians and scholars, that the initial use of gemstones for tapping their powers, . While the Hebrews and Romans call for an Onyx, the Arabs and Hindus recommend .

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Supplies - Gemstones, Onyx - Jewelry Making
Supplies - Gemstones, Onyx - Jewelry Making at BellaOnline. . Readers are welcome to print my articles for their personal use, but I do not allow my text or .

Onyx, Gemstone
Mar 14, 2012 . Onyx is used as a heart, kidney, nerve, capillary, hair, eye and nail strengtheners. Onyx is said to help one sleep. This gemstone helps to .

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Absolute Design - Titanium, Black Titanium, Black Zirconium & Black ...
Black Titanium Tension Rings, Black Titanium Gem Setting Ring, Black Titanium . on rarely used goldsmithing methods yet extensively researched* methods and . Known already to ancient cultures, this gemstone's name, "Onyx", is derived .

Chakra Gemstones: Beautiful Healing
Native American cultures used Turquoise in ceremonial rites.

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About Our Stones - Forever Stone
About the stones we use for custom gemstone products. . World Culture: Onyx has been used as a worry stone and in worry beads for centuries, for its ability to .

Alexandrite Myths, Legends and Lore
Collection of myths, legends and lore surrounding the alexandrite gemstone. . Yahalom (jaspis), onyx, a kind of chalcedon (diamond, sardonyx). Leshem . Various birthstone lists have been used in different cultures but in 1912, the American .

Lapis Lazuli - gemstone.org
At excavations in the ancient centres of culture around the Mediterranean, . the marble-like gemstone can be used to manufacture radiant blue watercolours, .

Gemstones - Information, Facts, Lore, History, Myths and Pictures
Natural Gemstones, A to Z - Pictures of named varieties, their descriptions and birthstone . Folklore about stones has been revered and honored for centuries in all cultures. . Chrysoberyl. Onyx · Topaz · Chrysocolla · Opal, Boulder Opal · Tourmaline . It is not scientific and should not be used to replace the advice and/ or .

Black Onyx @ Jewel Info 4 U
An anniversary gemstone for the 10th year of marriage black onyx looks elegant as a piece . Used traditionally for carving cameos, you will often find it as shiny . The Egyptians, the Indians and many other cultures pierced this humble button .

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Ritual Properties of Gemstones - Ladyhawk's Treasures
It can be used to heal a wide range of ailments, and works well with almost . Onyx is often used as a scrying stone due to its color (most commonly black). . Sapphire was believed to bring peace of mind, and in many cultures was seen as a .

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Carnelian Gemstone Meanings: Meaning of Carnelian for Spiritual ...
Mar 29, 2012 . Gemstone Meanings by GemStoneGifts Handmade Jewelry™ . Use with citrine on lower 3 chakras. In the Eastern cultures, Carnelian was favored for Strength. . green tourmaline, green aventurine, green onyx, green jade, Heart Chakra stones are particularly powerful when combined with Rose Quartz.

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