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Innomed Hip Instruments — surgical tools – other useful instruments
Budny Wire Drill Guide . Femoral Head Remover with Hudson Style Quick- Connect . 1. The 10cm long cannula helps to provide stability and directional control during . Designed for femoral shaft osteotomies during hip revision surgery .

Conmed Linvatec - Arthroscopy, Endoscopy, Powered Instruments
The Hall® Surgical E9000® System is a specialized electric .

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BM-3066-Attachments-IFU-6.10:Layout 1 5/25/10 3:09 PM Page 1
The OPS Gen II™ Attachments (Drills, Reamers and Drivers) are intended for use with the . Reciprocator/Sternum Saw designed for cutting bone in thoracic surgical procedures. . Retract the quick connect sleeve and remove accessory.

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DePuy.com | GLOBAL® APG+
precise bone preparation for optimal implantation of the GLOBAL® Anchor Peg Glenoid. The instruments . Quick Connect Peripheral Drill Bit. • Anti-Rotation .

Biomet is not responsible for selection of the appropriate surgical technique to be utilized for an individual patient. Page 3. 1. Fig. 1. 4. REGENEREX™ RINGLOC® +. MODULAR ACETABULAR . RingLoc®+ Quick Connect Flexible Drill Shaft .

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Interventional Spine PDS System™ Surgical Technique
responsible for selection of the appropriate surgical technique to be utilized for . Slap Hammer. 1. 6120. 4. Pre-Drill (3.0mm). 1. 6118. 5. Tap (4.5mm). 1. 6119. 6 . 1. 6095. 9. Removal Driver. 1. 6096. 10. Quick-Connect Handle. 1. 6079. 11 .

Surgical Technique
Identify all system components required for the final construct. 4. SURGICAL TECHNIQUE GUIDE . The drill may be attached to the quick connect handle for .

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7118-0950 peri-loc distal femur ST_inside_1.3.qxp
4.5mm Distal Femur Locking Plate Surgical Technique. Plate Selection. . Drill Bit with Quick Connect through the 4.5mm/5.7mm. Locking Screw Guide and .

TransFx™ Lite Wrist Spanning Frame
Efficient and easy to use for quick application, adjustment, and . 1 *. 1. 2. 2. 2.5 mm Self Drilling, Self Tapping Pin. 00-4454-023-90. 1. 2. 4. 3. 5. 1. 3. 2. 4. 3. 5. 4 .

Powered ENT Instruments From Medtronic
Jan 24, 2012 . Power Console; Microdebrider; Otologic Drills and Burs; M4 Blades and Burs . Integrated Power Console (IPC System) for ENT surgery . You can connect up to four handpieces at once, including the Straightshot® M4 . Midas Rex Legend Tools and Attachments for added convenience and quick set-up.

factors that may have influence on the outcome of the surgery. . 4. 1 | Introduction. 4. The SpectruM Femur implant and instrument system – similarly to all Sanatmetal . 1. 257930013. Spiral drill with quick- connecting end. 4,2x245 mm. 1 .

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surgical drill quick connect 1 4

The most complete, compatible range of attachments.
precision control, minimize surgeon . Drilling. Universal Jacobs chuck – accepts a wide variety of drills, . Up to 1/4 inch . for time-saving quick connection .

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Series 7000 - Couplers
Dermatology · Foot and Ankle Surgery · Hand Surgery .

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