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The named Defendant is Macy's, Inc. Defendant responds that ...
company and that its subsidiary, Macy's Retail Holdings, Inc. (“Macy's”), is the proper party to this suit. Plaintiff's briefs do not dispute this. This Memorandum will .

DFS-Applications: Holding Company
Application for the formation/expansion of a holding company; application for a . Please refer to the Department's Application Fee Schedule to determine the proper fee for . List the name and address of the principal office of each party to the .

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Non-joinder of Parties in Civil Suits - Author - Ashwini Chawla ...
The presence of opposing parties is one of the essential requirements of any civil suit. . However, a proper party is one in whose absence an effective order can be . If the plaintiff has been granted permission to file a suit against the company , . However, the Supreme Court turned down this preliminary objection, holding .

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(2) If the applicant is a bank holding company, the transaction will not result in . to be signed by the proper party or parties and will incur no liability in so acting.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics | BWAY Corporation
The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics of BWAY Holding Company and . Proper and efficient use of Company, supplier, customer and other third party .

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12 CFR 225.28
PART 225--BANK HOLDING COMPANIES AND CHANGE IN BANK . to be a proper incident thereto, and may be engaged in by a bank holding company or its . Engaging under contract with a third party in asset management, servicing, and .

Court Decisions Proper Party Defendant - Department of Justice
Holding: Dismissing a federal employee and the United States as parties to the action and substituting DOJ as the proper party defendant; granting . because DOJ is a co-defendant in this action, and Plaintiff has not contested this part of the .

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RCW 70.290.030: Composition of association — Board of directors ...
Third-party administrators are subject to registration under RCW 43.24.160. . lives includes enrollment in all companies included in their holding company system. . (f) Enter into contracts as necessary or proper to administer the plan of .

When Can You Sue the Owners of an LLC? | eHow.com
The company is a separate legal entity and is therefore the proper party in a . not observe general company formalities such as holding company meetings and .

975 F2d 604 Johnson v. Mammoth Recreations Inc | OpenJurist
Mammoth Recreations, Inc. is merely a holding company for the majority of . the party must demonstrate that amendment was proper under Rule 15); see also .

Trademark Holding Companies
affiliates and/or third parties) and collect a fair market royalty on the . One important function for a trademark holding company is . proper royalty rate.

625 F.2d 676
JWC is a holding company incorporated under the laws of Florida. . Celotex, was the proper party-respondent, and in any event, an indispensable party to the .

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Mar 1, 2010 . As a bank holding company and a financial holding company, Webster is . has determined to be so closely related to banking as to be a proper incident thereto. . of certain personal information to a nonaffiliated third party.

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The Club's Choice Holding Corporation (TCCHC or The Club's Choice) is committed . In some instances, a third party advertiser or sponsor may operate or host a . In addition, while TCCHC takes efforts to ensure the proper and appropriate .

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