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A Brief History of Prussia
The German Empire was established under Prussian leadership with Bismarck as Chancellor. Wilhelm II, the last of the Hohenzollern dynasty, became Emperor .

Emperor Wilhelm II, Leader of the Greater Prussian Empire | Flickr ...
Apr 6, 2010 . With a lack of consensus between the disparate German fiefdoms, the ancestors of the great Teutons largely missed out on the first great .

Prussia and the Prussian Empire, a history
As a matter of fact, the modern German states were founded in the year 1871 through the foundation of the German Empire under the leadership of Prussia.

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FrancoPrussianwar.com Franco-Prussian war 1870-1871
The rapid and overwhelming victory of the German states under the leadership of Prussia in this conflict made possible the creation of a unified German Empire .

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The Rise of Prussia
Dec 14, 2009 . The Holy Roman Empire still existed but only in name. . It is possible that Prussian militarism was founded on the ancestral leaders, the .

The German Empire - All Empires
The German empire was run by the Kaiser, who was the king of Prussia. . in picture: right): Bismarck was the most important leader in German unification.

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Chris Young on Prussian vs. Austrian leadership in German unification
Jul 5, 2009 . Why Prussia unified Germany instead of Austria: college student . of the Holy Roman Empire, dominated by Austria's Habsburg rulers, but the .

NationStates View topic - Greater Prussia Needs You [NOT ...
Who is the Greater Prussian Emperor? The leader of the Greater Prussian Empire is responsible for running the alliance's institutions the joint .

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The creation of the German empire, long a cherished intention of . this is to be a single state under Prussian leadership.

World History
During the 1848 revolution, Hungary found her national leader in Kossuth, and strengthened her position in the empire. But Prussia, not Hungary, was Austria's .

The nation is unlike an empire, which is held together by military force, by police, . The Prussian emperor and army leaders foresaw the need for a greatly .

HowStuffWorks "Austria - Nationalism In the Empire"
Feb 27, 2008 . Nationalism in the empire is quite evident throughout the history of Austria. . from developing closer ties under the leadership of Prussia.

History of Prussia: Kings and Leaders - YouTube
May 21, 2010 . This video about Prussian history focusses on its kings and leaders and . Timelapse of history in Europe since the Roman Empire until 2010 .

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leaders of prussian empire

Prussia and the Prussian Empire, a history
Prussia. Early Baltic history. At the beginning of Baltic history, the Prussians were . The German Empire was established under Prussian leadership with .

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Austro-Prussian War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Austro-Prussian War or Seven Weeks' War (in Germany also known as . the German Confederation under the leadership of the Austrian Empire and its .

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