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Replace Line Breaks using #chr(10)# and / or #chr(13)#: coldfusion ...
Okay, I've programmed ColdFusion for a few years now. I'm always replacing line breaks by doing: ----- ----- Now I know you can do the same...

TSV to XML using Coldfusion - Stack Overflow
I have got a Tab seprated file and I have to convert it into an xml with . <cfset intPosition = Find(chr(9), strTest, (intPosition + Len( chr(9) ))) /> </cfloop> <! . Deleting all empty directories in specific folder in Coldfusion .

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CSVToArray() ColdFusion UDF For Parsing CSV Data / Files
Oct 12, 2007 . 21 Points. In the previous UDF, I would pass in "Chr(9)" for a TAB. . It will not strip spaces or tabs as these might be valid data characters. It will .

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ColdFusion Tutorial: Working with Files and Directories
Feb 21, 2009 . In this lesson of the ColdFusion tutorial, you will learn... To work with . delete, Deletes a file from the server. . The file is divided into "columns" using tabs (chr( 9)) and rows using hard returns (chr(10)chr(13)). The file is shown .

Daryl's ColdFusion Notes
Jun 23, 2011 . Notes from the field on ColdFusion (or related) technical issues. . (CF eating 3 commas at a time always annoyed me.) . <cfset tab = chr(9)> . the OCI driver set, version 8.1.7 or newer, then you can remove this restriction.

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Perl 5.8 Documentation - OPERATOR DIFFERENCES
Perl on EBCDIC machines has been ported to take "\c@" to chr(0) and "\cA" to chr (1) . 127 <DELETE> " " ***>< "\c@" 0 <NULL> <NULL> <NULL> ***>< "\cA" 1 < S.O. . TAB.> <HORIZ. TAB.> "\cF" 6 <ACKNOWLEDGE> <C1 6> <C1 6> "\cG" 7 .

How do I add a Carriage Return ("Enter") or Tab to data being ...
How do I add a Carriage Return ("Enter") or Tab to data being scanned? FAQ - PSC / Percon - Decoders . In ColdFusion, you can use the Chr() function to output a character. Chr() takes one . at the end of each barcode. How do I remove it?

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Return a query of all CF Scheduled tasks | Freelance Web ...
Sep 27, 2011 . I basically turned the data into tab-separated-values. I haven't . TRIM WHITESPACE ---> <cfset tasks = trim(tasks)> <cfset tasks = replace(tasks, chr(10) , '', 'all')> <!--- REMOVE FIRST AND LAST BRACKETS ---> <cfset tasks .

Adobe ColdFusion 9 * cfhttp
ColdFusion 8: Added the clientCert and clientCertPassword attributes. . Added support for the following methods: HEAD, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS, TRACE. . result.filecontent> <cfset authdata = structNew()> <cfloop index="line" list="# content#" delimiters="#chr(10)#"> <cfset dtype = listFirst(line, . Click the Details tab.

Ask The Training Staff | ColdFusion Developer's Journal
Aug 8, 2001 . For example, for a tab character, use #chr(09)# in your code. . you can use the StructDelete() function to remove the query from the scope.

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cf remove tab chr

Removing newline characters - PHP
Amit Varia. P: n/a. Amit Varia. How would you remove newline characters from a string? I tried str_replace("\n", "", $string); But that doesn't work. Jul 17 '05 .

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ASCII Characters
ASCII Character Codes. This list is helpful with the Asc and Chr functions. . HT, 9 , 09, 011, Horizontal tab, move to next tab stop. LF, 10, 0a, 012 . (approximate). 127, 7f, 177, Delete (rubout), cross-hatch box . Ο, 207, CF, 317. Π, 208, D0, 320 .

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